Water Heater Maintenance Guide


We are so used to many of our gadgets that we do not think about them while living our daily lives and using them for our chores. The water heater is one such piece of machinery that helps us all the time by providing us with hot water for bathing, washing dishes or doing laundry. The only time we become alert of its existence is when it stops working.

However, the water heater is a machine, and it will work properly for a longer period of time and in a better way if we take care of it. Some factors are also responsible for damage to the heater, like voltage fluctuation, the condition of the water and the quality of the machine parts used in the heater. Among all these factors, mineral deposits from the water hamper the health of the water heater the most. If you change the whole wiring system, it will be a costly affair, but you can improve the functioning of your water heater by taking the precautions mentioned below.

This is not a very difficult job that can only be done by technicians. The owners can themselves take initiative and maintain the water heater so it has a longer life. People who perform routine maintenance on their heaters rarely have to bother with tankless water heater repair. Here are the tips they follow:

Switch Off the Power Source

The first and foremost tip for performing maintenance on a water heater is cutting the power off. All of us know that water and electricity make a dangerous combination, and thus we should stay alert. Call your electrician if you are not sure of how to disconnect the power source.

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Check the Anode Rod

Next, you should open the heater and check the anode rod for your heater. This rod prevents your heater from rusting and should be changed occasionally. If you find a silver wire around it, then it’s time to replace it.

If you have a dip tube in your heater, you should check it for any breakage. It can get crumbled or broken after long use. If there are a hot water outlet and cold water inlet in your heater, this means the heater does not have any dip tubes. However, in that case, you may not have very warm water from the faucet.

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Flush the Water Heater

Flush out the water once in a while—at least once a year—as that helps to flush out the sediment and dirt accumulated inside the tank and around the heating machinery.

When you do not use the tank for a longer period, say during the winter months, you should drain the water out from the tank to make sure that it does not flood when you are not at home. Remember to refill it before you start using it next time.

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Check the Pipes

Pipe checking is a mandatory affair, and it should be done often. Leaks can damage the water heater and also can cause electrocution, so be aware and change or repair any leaking pipes.

There is a temperature and pressure relief valve in every kind of heater, and you should check it for leakage. The water that leaks from here will be extremely hot, so be cautious while checking. The temperature and pressure relief valve can be fixed on the rare occasion, so it’s replacement is advised.

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Electric Water Heater Maintenance:

Insulation is a very important factor for any electric water heater, so you should wrap your heater to save energy and also to get hot water for a longer time. Also, insulation helps the heating element to remain stable for more years.

Heating elements need to be checked and replaced once in a while, as that will help your electric heater last longer and also avoid chances of an accident.

Gas Water Heater Maintenance:

You should check the venting system and air supply system of your gas water heater every three months. There may be dirt gathered in the pipe and causing an obstruction, which with time may increase the chance of bursting or causing an accident.  If you see any part of the machinery becoming damaged, change it immediately.

The ignition light, or pilot light, helps you know whether the water is getting heated or not. You must keep an eye on the color of the flame, and if you find a split flame or a change in the color of the flame, check into it. Your pilot light may need a good replacement.

Always get the best quality and brand of water heater. A water heater is a very integral part of your house, and you cannot compromise on its quality. No matter how much effort you put into it, a bad gadget will never work well. On the other hand, you can lengthen the lifespan of a good water heater by maintaining it properly and calling for tankless water heater repair when necessary.