3 Ways A Tankless Heater Is Better Than A Conventional One

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People, who wish to save space in their household, install a tankless water heater in OKC. Not only for the space-saving feature but because it can make your life way better than before. The smart technology is beneficial to you in various ways. The conventional heater has many drawbacks that you may not have considered before. After installing this new gadget, you can better differentiate the two.

Here are some points to discuss as to how a tankless water heater can make your life better in comparison to a conventional heater.

For Better Health and Environment

The traditional water heater that comes with a tank can be the reason for your serious health concern. Though it is durable, it can rust over time. The water will contain rust particles and they are not good for your health. The rusty water when used for cooking and drinking makes your health vulnerable to developing several diseases. This dirty water can also damage your washing machine. Rust can damage the mechanism of the heater and prevent hot water production, despite consuming more energy. Also, the unclean water is a breeding spot for bacteria.

In contrast, a tankless water heater is eco-friendly and saves energy. Due to the absence of a tank, there will be no risk for rust as well.

install tankless water heater okc

For Saving Money

It is an economic decision to install a tankless water heater in OKC. The conventional heaters are only 50% efficient, whereas the tankless ones are almost 98% efficient. This affects the energy consumption and the electricity bill as the tankless one consumes much less than the conventional one. The tank is there to store the water. When this water is not used, it cools down and the machine reheats it again when it is needed. Whereas the tankless water heater does not store water and supplies it as required, energy is not needed for reheating. If the heater with a tank leaks, you will be in grave trouble and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. For a tankless heater, there is less of a chance for such damage.

On a whole, you will end up saving a lot of money by installing this new technology.

For Better Water Supply

You can expect a better water supply from the tankless water heater. As the tankless heater supplies water on demand, you will get instant hot water.

If you are convinced of this idea, better not delay and call the professionals of Red Plains Plumbing to install a tankless water heater in OKC and enjoy the bliss of this updated technology.