Are Flushable Wipes Banned?

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If you search on the internet, many bathroom hacks come with the usage of flushable wipes. Most of the ideas concentrate on the placing of the wipes so that it can be flushed easily. But, do you know whether the wipes tagged as ‘flushable’ ones are actually flushable or not? Here is a discussion to clear all confusion associated with the idea.

It is observed in many cases in OKC that emergency plumbers are called for toilet clogging and the detection found out the flushable wipes as the cause behind it. According to the plumbers, the flushable wipes can damage the sewer line as well by clogging it.

Now, the question is, should the flushable wipes be banned from the toilets? It is generally for people who maintain cleanliness and keep the entire toilet sanitized. But these moist wipes should not be thrown to the toilet as it is harmful to the septic tank and sewer line. These are actually not water soluble and so it stores at the bottom of the tank or the sewer line.

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In Washington D.C., a law was slated to take aim on calling the manufacturers of the flushable wipes to confirm its flush-ability. According to the law, no manufacturer can label their wipes as ‘flushable’ if it is not proved that the wipes can dissolve in water. Also, the content of plastic which is not biodegradable is strictly prohibited. The law is halted by Federal Judge.

The law firm Morgan and Morgan is pursuing an investigation on the effectiveness of flushable wipes. Texas has banned the illegal manufacture of wipes which are unable to be flushed by water.

Rather than banning the product, it is better to restrict its use. The restriction should come from the people’s mind. The awareness can help them understand what is suitable to be flushed out and which is not. The users have to know that the dental floss, Band-Aids, hair, cotton swabs, cigarette buds, toilet roll tube, sanitary napkins, facial wipes, condoms and tampon applicators are not flushable ones. You should throw these to the trash bin but not the toilet at all.

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Other than calling an emergency plumber in OKC, you will not have any option left when you find problems like clogged drain or sewer line damage. It requires certain tools, experienced team and skilled plumber to inspect the issues and find a solution for those. Here at Red Plains Plumbing, we are serving people of Oklahoma for a long time. You can call them up and brief up the situation. Leave the rest onto them. Easy, right?