Beat the Heat: Summer Plumbing Problems and Solutions

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Your plumbing system faces different challenges with each season, and summer is no exception. As the summer heat begins to arrive, you may find yourself searching for an emergency plumber in OKC to deal with a sudden mess. Before that situation arises, you should be prepared to fight the possible problems caused by heat. It’s time to do a routine checkup to ensure everything is in the right condition to face a heat wave.

Before we talk about taking precautions for the problems, you need to know what those problems are. Here are some common ones:

1. Moldy or Clogged Air Conditioner Drains

You may be very particular about changing your air conditioner filter every six months, but you may have overlooked the inspection of the drain. This is where problems can occur in the summer. Mold starts growing in this warm season, and it often chooses the air conditioner drain as a perfect spot. Fungus, mold and mildew can appear here because it is a constantly damp place. This growth can result in drain clogging and pipe leakage.

2. Expanding Pipes

The pipes, because they are made of iron and other metals, can expand in the summer heat. This can lead to an even worse situation: burst pipes. Keeping aside this worst-case scenario, you could also face very low water pressure. It is very annoying after a day at the beach, isn’t it? Abrupt water pressure change is a symptom of corrosion build-up, leaks and other serious plumbing malfunctions. Therefore, when you experience low water pressure, it’s high time to call an emergency plumber in OKC to check the system thoroughly and recommend some repairs.

3. Foundation Shifting

The hot weather can cause the foundation to shift, and this can lead to cracks in the home and severe malfunctioning of the plumbing system. During a drought, this scenario can be even worse. An emergency plumber in OKC can suggest some maintenance tips to avoid such situations.

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Maintenance for Summer

These precautionary steps can save you from facing the consequences Listed above:

  • Because it is used daily, the sprinkler system is prone to damage, and it is considered one of the major sources of leaks. Due to irregular surveillance, you may fail to notice leaks at the initial stage. A routine inspection will help avoid this mishap.
  • The wrong choice of location for planting a tree can cause havoc to the plumbing system. Roots can break through pipes and cause extremely low water pressure or sudden water oozing into the garden or lawn. A professional emergency plumber in OKC can solve such problems if you call as soon as you notice these symptoms.
  • Gas leaks can be more hazardous than water leakage. Regularly checking the gas line can help you detect the smaller leaks and prevent any disasters from taking place.
  • If you find your toilet is flooding, call an emergency plumber in OKC to take care of the situation. Ignoring the problem can lead to serious consequences.
  • The washing machine and other appliances that use water need proper maintenance as well. In the summer, these appliances may leak, crack or bulge. The attached hoses should be replaced at regular intervals to avoid cracking and bursting, especially if they are rubber.
  • Do not pour grease down the drain, including the garbage disposal. It can clog the system. Remind all your family members to only throw food waste into the compost or garbage bin.

For the professional and routine maintenance of your plumbing system, you can hire Red Plain Plumbing. Our efficient plumbers have expertise in repairing and replacing plumbing systems. We also offer emergency services, but it is better to maintain your system properly than to wait for an emergency to take place.