Common Signs of Tree Root Damage Inside a Pipe

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There are a wide variety of reasons behind pipeline obstruction and damage. Apart from the familiar reasons of pipeline damage, tree root invasion is another major one. A foul smell, gurgling noises and slow water drainage are signs of plumbing problems. Tree roots can invade and keep growing continuously inside the pipe and break it. But it is difficult to track the root growth underneath the soil. If you find the signs stated above, do not turn your back; instead, call an emergency plumber in OKC. But how will you know the plumbing emergencies are occurring because of tree roots? This blog post discusses the signs of tree root growth in pipes and the resulting damage.


Although there are no obvious visible cues of root growth in pipes, there could be sinkholes across the yard. When roots start to grow into the pipes, the water starts to leak out into the yard, creating soft spots. If you find certain areas of the yard are sinking in, there could be tree roots in the pipes.

Slow water passing and noise:

If you hear an unusual sound while flushing the toilet or notice that the water moves slowly, there could be an obstruction inside the pipe. There is a high possibility of tree root damage. But this is hard to detect, so you should call an emergency plumber in OKC.

Green patches:

Unusual tree or bush growth and lush green patches in the yard are some signs of tree root growth in the pipes. In those areas, trees are growing because they are receiving more moisture. You should call a plumber to inspect those areas.


Water blockage often results in a foul smell. If you notice an odor all around the home, there could be a plumbing emergency.

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How Does a Root Grow Inside a Pipe?

When warm water runs through the pipe, the vapor finds a way to escape. It searches for the nearest cool soil and it gets out through a crack. Usually, the tree roots follow the flow of the vapor and go inside the pipe using the crack. As the tree root grows, it reduces the diameter of the pipe and hinders water flow.

Cutting the tree down is not the solution, except under some unavoidable circumstances. Get in touch with Red Plain Plumbing, an excellent emergency plumber in OKC. We will repair your pipes or replace them if necessary.