How to Know Your Water Heater Needs a Repair

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Water heaters are generally durable, but depending on the way it is being maintained, it starts showing signs of damage. Despite knowing the age of the heater, there are many symptoms that can tell you about the damage of the heater indicating its time to replace it. This is applicable to both conventional and tankless heaters. According to the area of damage, you can decide whether to consult a plumber about a replacement or repair. For the repair or replacement of a tankless water heater in Oklahoma City you can get reputable plumbers like Red Plains Plumbing, but for your own knowledge, you should learn the symptoms beforehand.

Low Volume of Water

A tankless water heater is supposed to provide you with hot water instantly. There is no storage for the water, so the instant water should come in the right force. If you notice something otherwise, you have to understand that there is damage in the heater. The reason for the low volume of hot water and the low temperature of the water indicates a machinery problem. Be sure you need to repair the tankless water heater in Oklahoma City at this moment.

tankless water heater repair oklahoma city

Water Leakage

As tankless water heaters do not have storage, a leak is very unlikely. Still, if you face any leaks from the tankless water heater, understand that there is immense pressure in the pipes. The worn-out valves can also be the cause of it. Whatever the cause is, the repair is needed to avoid further damages.

Rumbling Sound

A rumbling sound is also a symptom of damage in a conventional water heater. Sediment at the bottom of the tank can cause the sound. The broken deep tube can be the cause in this case and the cold and hot water can get mixed up. If you get the same sound in a tankless water heater, the issue can be with the pipes.

tankless water heater repair oklahoma city


Corrosion indicates the water heater is aging. Skipping a repair, you should go for a replacement here. Though the tankless water heater can last for a longer period of time than conventional ones, the corrosion can take place in a tankless one as well. Ask the experts and get a replacement instead of a tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City.

tankless water heater repair oklahoma city


The water should be clear and without any color. If you witness any color change in the water, be sure that there is rust storage in the pipe that is getting mixed with the clean water making it dirty. Cleaning of the pipe is required immediately. If a plumber tell you that the pipes are too old to be repaired, go for a replacement. If the same happens to the tank of a traditional heater, you will have no other option than replacing the whole thing.

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