Tankless Water Heaters: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Are you thinking of getting a tankless water heater in your home but still haven’t made up your mind? You are at the right place to figure out how to make the best decision!

With technological evolution and instant access to information, we have become accustomed to a focused and fast life. Due to this, we want everything to be compact, precise and quick. Along with everything else in our lives, this concept is relevant to water heaters as well. A water heater with a massive tank is an old idea now, when the market is dominated by tankless water heaters.

Before you make your decision, let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of a tankless water heater.

The Advantages

The list of advantages is pretty long, and that is the cause of this technology’s immense popularity.


This is the most crucial point. The total amount of your electric bill will likely be reduced if you install a tankless water heater. The calculation is simple: The traditional water heater heats up all of the water in the tank and keeps it warm for your use. The tankless heater, on the other hand, heats up only the amount of water you need to use when you need to use it. Remember, saving energy is a contribution to the environment.

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Excellent Durability:

You can expect a tankless water heater to last close to 20 years. This is pretty good. It is definitely better than a traditional water heater, which lasts for 10 to 12 years.

Takes Up Less Space:

As the name suggests, a tankless water heater does not require a massive tank. Therefore, it saves space.


Time is money. Therefore, saving time is very important. With an instant water heater, you don’t have to wait for warm water. It will serve you instantly whenever you need warm water.


Because it doesn’t store water, there is less chance for leakage. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about making middle-of-the-night calls for tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City due to a leak disaster.

Increases Property Value:

If you have a tankless water heater, it will increase your property value.

Partial Replacement:

Unlike the traditional water heater, a tankless water heater doesn’t need to be replaced entirely if there are problems. You can call the professionals for tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City, and they will replace only the parts that are causing trouble.

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Things to Consider

Despite of the many advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider before getting a tankless water heater.

  • Tankless water heaters can be pricey. If you are on a tight budget, getting a tankless heater at this point may not be a good idea.

  • You can’t install it on your own and therefore will need to call a professional to install your new tankless water heater in Oklahoma City.

  • If there is a power shortage in your area, you will not be able to get warm water, as there is no storage tank for it.

In conclusion, every appliance requires maintenance, and a tankless water heater is no exception. If you decide that the advantages of a tankless water heater are worth the investment, Red Plain Plumbing can help you with installation and maintenance. And if you need it, we also offer tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City.