Water Heaters – A Quick Buying Guide

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A water heater is a must have especially if you live in chilly weather. But to have this appliance in your bathroom, you must to buy one. Most people suffer due to buying the wrong appliance as they do not have the right guide. Water heaters come in different shapes, features and styles. How do you pick the right one for your home amongst so many? Follow this guide.

Types of Water Heater

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Storage tank water heaters:

This is the most traditional type of heater; therefore, this is the most widely-used. It comes with a large insulated tank and most of it is either run on electricity or gas. Behind its great popularity; the variety of sizes it comes in. No matter what size the bathroom is or the amount of hot water you need, there always a water heater available with the correct capacity.

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Tankless Water heater:

Tankless water heaters do not store water; instead, it has special coils to heat the water. This type of water heater only uses electricity when active. It is because of this feature most people choose to install this tankless water heater in OKC.

install tankless water heater okc

Hybrid Water Heaters:

This is an efficient water heater as it takes heat from the air to heat the water. But it has limitation on placement; it needs to be placed in a warm place.

Buying a Water Heater

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  • For storage tank heaters, check the FHR or first-hour rating, whereas, for a tankless water heater check the GPM rating or gallons-per-minute. These two ratings are the indicators of how much hot water you can get from the devices within a limited period. Before you make any decisions, make sure you know how much water you need for all household chores each day.

  • The warranty of the water heater depends on the manufacturer, but they generally come with a warranty period of two to twelve years. We always encourage buying a device with the longest warranty before you install tankless water heater in OKC.

  • Choose the features you are interested in, otherwise, there is no point in the wasting money. Contemporary heaters have whistles and bells and the latest heaters have a digital display board. The board shows the levels and even any contaminants in the tank.

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