Tips to Keep Your Plumbing System Mess-Free in Winter

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Winter is the festive time. It is a pleasant time for indoor parties, games, warm beverages, snuggling and all possible cozy things. You can enjoy the festive season with all full spirit, only when you have worked hard at the beginning of it. These are all for the precautions so that the bad effects of frigid weather, bone-freezing wind and heavy snow in OKC cannot harm you and your family.

In context of taking precaution for winter, the first thing which comes in mind first is the plumbing system, the way of water flow. You can call the emergency plumber in OKC at any point in time, but it would not be very pleasant if the mess occurs in between your celebration or right after waking up, or anytime else.

emergency plumber okc

Here are some maintenance tips from the emergency plumber in OKC based on the experiences the customer called them for.

  1. Do you know what the main water source is at your home? If you don’t, know it now. The knowledge will help you to stop panicking hysterically. Closing of the water valve can help you from the mess. Check if the valve is working or not. You can call the plumber for a thorough inspection.

  2. Take a tour to your home and pay attention to each of the things including the faucets, hoses, pipes, showerheads and everything else. Look for the leaks and cracks. If you notice anything, call the emergency plumber in OKC and fix it right then. The significant change in the temperature can exacerbate the issues.

  3. Water heater, one of the most important things for the winter needs to be inspected as well. The sediment storage can affect its performance badly and so, you have to drain the heater before the cold wind hits. If the plumber detects a significant problem with the mechanism of the heater, it’s high time to replace it.

  4. Clogged drains are annoying at any season, but it can turn worse at the time of winter. A clogged drain can make the water go back and having water all over your floor is the last thing you would want. Avoid clogs being more careful about what you are throwing to the drain. The hair traps are good to prevent drain clog. If it is already clogged, call the emergency plumber in OKC and perform a drain cleaning before it is too late.

  5. The pipes which are exposed outside can be affected by the temperature and freeze. The frozen pipe is extremely abominable. Additional insulation is needed to avoid such a situation. Foam padding sleeves or tapes are good options for economic insulation.

  6. Drainage is a significant part of the plumbing. You have to make sure that you have removed all debris from the path of the drain including snow, leaves, branches etc.

  7. Maintain the temperature limit of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal for its longevity and good performance.

emergency plumber okc

For the thorough inspection, you may call the emergency plumber in OKC from Red Plains Plumbing. We will provide you with a proficient team to help you know the problem and fix it as early as possible.