When to Change the Water heater: stay informed


Although it may seem like a silly question, repairing the water heater is considered a major concern in many households. Water heaters come with a shelf life and, upon expiration, your heater might need a replacement. The older the heater becomes, the more its ability to supply warm water reduces. Honestly, the need for replacement of a water heater depends on how well you maintain it. Red Plains Plumbing offers tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City, providing the best option for people who are thinking about replacing their water heaters.

The availability of warm water is necessary for daily household activities like showering, cleaning, etc. In Oklahoma City, where the climate is crisp and cold, warm water is considered a basic need. Normally, a water heater will run almost 10 years without any hassle, but once it draws near that limit, you should start watching for signs that it needs to be replaced.

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

Though a water heater will fulfill your needs smoothly for many years, problems are bound to occur eventually. Due to over-use of the heater, the lifespan might become shorter. Therefore, being a homeowner, it is necessary for you to know the signs of a deteriorating heater. Before you start searching for the best tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City, take note of the below signs.



Nothing exists forever, and this includes a water heater. But the problem is most homeowners are unaware of the moment it reaches the last stage of its lifespan. If the heater installed in your home has crossed a decade, it is the time for a replacement.

2Rust Accumulation


Rust is a common weakness in metals like steel and iron. This corrosion on the surface of the heater starts spreading and gradually eats up the entire body. This should be taken as a warning sign of upcoming water leakage. In addition to this, rust collection in valves or faucets may result in dirty water.

If you spot blemishes or rust around the outer body of the heater, be sure they are present inside too. At that point, check out the water pipes to see if they are rusty or not. Experts in tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City suggest draining the water, and if the water comes out muddy, then the problem comes from the pipes.

3Noisy Heater


Another sign that reveals there is something wrong with the water heater is noise. An aging heater will produce louder noises as the water heats up. There are several reasons for this, including sediment buildup. Over the years, sediment starts to accumulate and drastically bring down the heater’s performance.

4Water Leakage


This is the easiest sign to recognize, as there will be water around the heater. When the water heater heats water, the metal body expands. Toward the end of its life, these expansions can cause leakage. Apart from metal expansion, there could be existing fitting or water pressure issues causing a leak. Under these circumstances, you should call a tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City to put an end to all these problems.

Risks Included With a Damaged Heater


A damaged heater accelerates damage in the household. Lack of maintenance can cause serious damages to property, but it depends on the location of the heater. If you are prepared and maintain the heater regularly, it may last longer, but when there is a problem, it is better to leave it to professionals.

The need for tankless water heater repair in Oklahoma City can occur any time of the day, and therefore you should look for a service provider who offers emergency service. In Oklahoma City, you will find numerous service providers, but Red Plains Plumbing offers the most professional and efficient service. If you have any questions, contact us today.